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Please be mindful when deal directly with another party.


1. We bear no responsibilities for any/all circumstances which may arise from

   direct dealing between individual parties. 


2. It is your reponsibility to make sure whether there is no risk of fraud, possibility of returns and refunds and AS. Please check the condition of goods before you purchase. 

3. Please remind to make a note for the full name, contact number and address who you deal with in business. 

4. Please do not visit the place late time and choose the way as possible as safe 
In case of direct deal. 

5. Please be careful of strangers when there is a adoscelent and woman in case of direct deal. Prefer to to visit the place of dealing with friends or families. 

6. Please do not transfer your pay without checking the circumstances whether there could be a risk of fraud.  

7. Please be careful, if the sale price of good is much cheaper than the real price. 

8. Please be careful to be cheated on exaggerated advirtises. 

9. Please be careful the strangers who ask for the money using our company's name.  


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