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The following actions are prohibited and will be removed and blocked when detected.
It is our primary purpose to provide only sexual arousal and to use them to get referrals and to recommend such posts
Posting or recommending sexually explicit images / videos, such as exposed genitals / nipples or describing sexual activity
[Important] Mosaic processing removes and blocks
Aversion material
1. Post or recommend vivid or horrible images and videos, such as bodily harm, bloody disasters, etc.
False incitement materials
1. Written for the purpose of inciting people without any facts / grounds
2. Libel and unconditional accusations
Racial and gender discrimination
1. Discriminatory or libelous acts based on race, gender, or physical weakness
2. Materials to post pictures and personal information without the consent of others
Copying, capturing and reprinting articles reported by various media companies,
Postings that violate the copyrights of the press, such as posting pictures and images, are prohibited and warnings Will be deleted without.
Even if the source is indicated, the above actions that are outside the scope of the quotation may violate the copyright law,
You may be subject to a claim for damages.
This is an attempt to protect both the user and the media, so please understand.
Thank you.

List of Articles
No. Subject
5 Please refrain from unauthorized writing by a specific person or company.
4 Please be mindful when trading directly with another party.
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2 How to recharge and use your points
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