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How to recharge and use your points


1. Recharge your points


(1) Paid Recharge : Points are recharged for the dollar value paid for.

     For every AUD $1.00 you will receive 100 points.


(2) Free Recharge : Free points are awarded for loyal and frequent Hoju.today users. 


    - 1000 points awarded when you become a member for the first time.

    - 5 points awarded for your first daily log in.



2. How points are deducted


Points will be deducted for uploading notices and/or advertisements using the 'Register as a premium notice' option (Jobs, for rent, flea market, cars for sale, share house,

business sale and etc) for the value of the 


(1) Hot+ Premium operates on an auction method with a maximum of  5 displayed

      on the top of the page. 

      Auction starts from 55 points. Every bid thereafter is worth 5 points.

      'Top of the page' display time is guaranteed for the period requested.


(2) To display just below the Hot premium Hot+ for the period requested,

      points will be deducted as follows: 

     1 Day 50 Points, 3 Days 120 Points, 7 Days 300 Points.


(3) To post premium ads, 5p will be deducted.  



3. Refund


All refund applications must be made via the email address used for your initial

member registration. 


(1) Refund will be processed if and when;

     -Member was unable to receive the services paid for due to serious technical faults,

     -Other circumstances which are identified as 'reasonable' and the member has

       experienced significant inconvenience.  

      Amount excluding any penalty and/or processing charge will be refunded.


(2) Refund application made against funds 1)yet to be processed and/or 2)appear on the

      system as a buffer and/or 3)unable to cancel the transaction will not be processed until 

      the receipt of the funds are correctly confirmed.


(3) Once application is approved refund will be processed.

      Refunds will be made to an Australian bank account and only in the name of the



(4) it is not refundable if embezzling the private and billing information, and fraudulent settlemen. In this case, private information will be required and checked by the investigation organization 


(5) All notices, advertisements and/or articles which are deemed to be inappropriate and/or 

     to have breached applicable policy will be deleted and the user ID deactivated.

     Refund will not be made for the above.


(6) We bear no responsibility for the delay in the refund process and any loss arising from

      it if:

      - The delay is caused due to incorrect details being submitted by the refund applicant,

      - Answers are not provided promptly during the verification process. 

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5 Please refrain from unauthorized writing by a specific person or company.
4 Please be mindful when trading directly with another party.
3 Notice related to deletion of posting
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