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Part time |  cleaner
[Cleaning] CK
(Mobile : 0497162523)
Email: jon154@naver.com

Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours) 
Location Riverwood Station 5 minutes 
- Pick-up, drop-off place 
Riverwood Station (Central to Train T8 Airport Line) ride takes 30 minutes) 
take bus from Belfield hotel front (Strasbourg Station, 15 minutes) 
Punchbowl station (train ride from keomyeok lead 20 minutes) 
move together as a Rhodes stations (frog) 
- If the vehicle is immediately ohsyeodo. 

Start time at 6:30 pm It 

is cleaning that simple man and woman can do. 
Toilet cleaning, cleaning and general cleaning will work. 
Please contact only the sincere person. 

Cellphone 0497162523 
KakaoTalk 123mmmmm45 

(Monthly and monthly cleaning) Please provide a brief introduction along with the contents (name / age / sex / desired pickup location /). Thank you for your message.

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