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About Us
We are living in a fast-changing world undergoing a paradigm shift with new social cultures being
introduced every so often. It is indeed a real challenge to keep up with the changes and be informed
with what is going on in our community and our society.
Australia embraces people from all different ethnic backgrounds and allows for a fair go to all.
Having said this, establishing and maintaining ‘life’ here as a migrant isn’t easy with hurdles and
barriers to overcome.
Asianforum is a community website, an information exchange hub for all those seeking to make the
best of their stay in Australia. We hope that Asianforum becomes a place for making friends, sharing
useful information, posting and looking for jobs, selling and buying and/or anything else which you
may like to share with your peers.
Trusting that Asianforum will become a mutual exchange hub for all, we ask for your continued
support and interest so that many people can benefit from it and enjoy a fruitful experience with